alles klar?

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we all have probably heard something about Oranienplatz or the refugee strike in Berlin at some point in time.

the images/stories/interviews that we see or hear about the refugee strike are made by journalists for whom the whole thing is more or less another ‘assignment’. they come to the camp, take a few photos, interview a random person about something, and as soon as they think they have enough material for their ‘report’ the next day, they just leave.

what our journalism produces about the people it considers “the oppressed”, is generally too arrogant, detached and superficial to even be true

Alles Klar? is a look at what is going on in the refugee strike at a personal level

Alireza Abbasy 2013

Alles Klar?
psychology of bells
potato eaters
portraits of professions
streets, Amsterdam
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