portraits of professions

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Esfahan, Iran.
The city is known for its historical heritage, with a population of 3.5 million, Esfahan used to be the prosperous capital of the country for a few centuries.

The city is proud of its contributions to the Iranian music, literature, and art in general. The city is proud of its culture. One of the most prominent cultural qualities of Esfahani people is their piercing and yet amusing sarcasm. They can be very cruel, but always smiling, always entertaining you with their unique sense of humor.

To get to know the people, this series looks at various old professions in Esfahan. Of each profession, there are two photos: the first one is a portrait of the shop owner and the second one shows something in his work space.

Photos are accompanied by captions which are quotes by the shop owners. Quotes begin with their answer to the question “how long have you been doing this job?”

Alireza Abbasy 2011

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portraits of professions
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