potato eaters

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De Aardappeleters, The Potato Eaters, painted by Vincent van Gogh, some one hundred twenty years ago, was meant to give viewer the idea that "these folk, who are eating their potatoes by the light of their little lamp, have tilled the earth themselves with these hands they are putting in the dish" (artist's words).

Things change. Today, in Amsterdam, there is no sign of poor peasants anymore, let alone sitting around a table in a depressing dark room, eating boiled potatoes. Today, Amsterdam is an expensive and pretentiously stylish city.

Now, over one century later, the scene has completely changed, but the people have not yet given up on their historical love for potatoes. This time, deep fried, with lots of both Mayonnaise and Ketchup, eating with hands that most probably were not used to till the earth.

Alireza Abbasy 2011

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